SignaGen launches Adeno-Ready™ open reading frame (ORF) repository. The Adeno-Ready™ ORF repository contains more than 37,430 sequence-verified human ORFs, which were pre-cloned into our Ad·MAX™ adenovirus production system and ready to package into adenovirus.  Most of Adeno-Ready™ ORFs have three different ends-------closed (no fusion tag) or tagged with V5 epitope or 6xHN tag (Figure 1). Based on these Adeno-Ready™ ORFs, we are offering a faster yet economical way to produce adenoviruses.

Figure 1. A cartoon showing that ORFs were pre-cloned into Ad·MAX adenovirus expression & production system with three different ends.

To make custom adenovirus, you only need to search the Adeno-Ready™ ORFs by NCBI accession #, gene symbol or GI number, identify the adenoviral clones and add the ready to package adenovirus into shopping card followed by online checkout. You will be receiving the purified adenovirus (1E+10~1E+11 PFU/ml via genuine PFU titration) with standard 4~5 weeks turnaround time. With adenoviral vectors, you can eventually efficiently transduce any mammalian cells dividing or non-dividing.

Features of Ready-to-package Adenoviruses:
- Adeno-Ready™ ORFs allows to make custom adenovirus with just a NCBI accession #
Vast selection – over 37,430 Adeno-Ready™ human ORF clones
- Ready to Package Format – All ORFs were pre-cloned into our proprietary Ad-MAX™ adenovirus production system and ready to package
- 100% amino acid match guarantee – sequence verification against GenBank and Swissprot databases
- Unbeatable affordability with less than $800 per adenovirus
- Quick adenoviral vector delivery: 4~5 weeks

Steps to Order Ready-to-package Adenovirus:
1. Search our Adeno-Ready™ ORFs with
NCBI accession #, gene symbol or GI number.
2. Identify adenoviral ORF clone and add the ready-to-package adenovirus into shopping cart.
3. Check out online.
4. We package the adenovirus and deliver adenoviral vectors at 1E+10~1E+11 PFU per ml.

Customized Service:
While the default promoter is CMV with standard deliverable, 0.2 ml at 1E+10 ~ 1E+11 PFU/ml, customized service is available with larger pack, different promoters (CAG, U6, H1, UBC or Synapsin) or reporters (GFP, mRFP, Luc, LacZ, etc). Please request a quote with us.

How to Search Ready-to-package Adenoviruses:

All the 37,430 ready to package adenoviruses can be readily identified via an online search using the Adeno-Ready™ ORF Search Tool. This convenient search engine allows you to find your gene of interest using NCBI Accession #, Gene Symbol, Gene ID, etc.

Find your gene of interest today! - Visit our Adeno_Ready ORF Search Engine

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