Custom Adenovirus Production, Full Service Pilot Scale


  • 目录号: SL100736
  • 包装: 1.0 ml (1010~1011 PFU/ml)

Recombinant Type 5 Adenovirus (E1 and E3 deletion) with Ad.MAX system:
– Unsurpassable infection efficiency (nearly 100% vs. AAV 30~40% and Lentivirus ~30%) in most mammalian cells.
– No integration into host genome.
– Compatible with toxic gene of interest (GOI).
– Induce high-level transie
nt protein expression.
– Accommodate inserts of up to 8 kb.

Wide choice of Ad.MAX™ shuttle vectors:

Service Description:

1. Clone your gene of interest into an adenovirus vector.
2. Initial adenoviral stock production.
3. Adenovirus amplification from
~500 cm2 Ad.MAX™ 293 cells.
4. Recombinant adenovirus PFU titration.

Required Material: A NCBI accession # or gene symbol or plasmid DNA carrying your gene of interest (GOI).

Turnaround Time: 3 ~ 4 weeks.

Deliverables: >1.0 ml high titer (1012 ~ 1013 viral particles, or 2E+10 ~ 2E+11 PFU/ml)* adenovirus stock for in vitro studies, i.e., delivering your gene of interest to actively dividing and non-dividing mammalian cells in culture.

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* Final adenovirus yield may depend on the nature of transgene.

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