AAV Packaging Service, Large Scale


  • 目录号: SL100862
  • 包装: 1.0 ml (1X1013 VG/ml)

– Nonpathogenic with least immune response and best suitable for in vivo application.
Excellent gene delivery efficiency in most cell types including dividing and non-dividing or primary cells.
– Integration into chromosome 19 of host genome.
– Multiple serotypes (AAV1, AAV2, AAV5, AAV6, AAV8, AAV9).
– Wide choice of AAV cis vectors (promoterless, CMV, CAG (also known as CBA), U6, H1, UBC, Synapsin promoters with or without reporter genes like GFP, mRFP, Luc, LacZ, etc).

Service Description:
– Large scale transfection of AAV·HT™ 293 cells into 2xcell stack.
– Harvest rAAV followed by purification via advanced 2xCsCl ultra-centrifugation to obtain clinical trial grade of rAAV vector*.
Desalting, filter sterilization, and AAV titration via qPCR.

Required Materials:
AAV cis plasmid carrying your gene of interest (GOI), >150

Turnaround Time: 1 ~ 2 weeks.

>1.0 ml of super purified high titer at >1E+13 VG/ml** AAV stock for both in vitro and in vivo studies, i.e., delivering your gene of interest to actively dividing and non-dividing mammalian cells in culture or injection into mice, etc.

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Super High Yield:
With our proprietary genetically engineered AAV·HT™ packaging cell and a modified rAAV cis vector, the rAAV yield is easy to reach super high level——–total 1E+15 VG. For super high level rAAV production up to 1E+15 VG total, please contact us to request a quote.

* Figure 1. A comparison of purity and infectivity of rAAV vectors from different sources showing super purified and super infectious (close to clinical trial grade) rAAV vector prepared via our advanced double CsCl ultra-centrifugation approach. 

A. rAAV vectors (total 1E+9 VG per lane)  from different sources were resolved in SDS-PAGE followed by silver staining.  Lane 1: GMP manufactured rAAV vector from CHOP; Lane 2: rAAV prepared via our advanced 2xCsCl ultra-centrifugation approach; Lane 3: rAAV from Vector Core of BCM; Lane 4: rAAV from our competitor “V”; Lane 5: rAAV from our competitor “C”; Lane 6: Protein marker.
B. Super infectious rAAV vector prepared via advanced double CsCl ultra-centrifugation.  Left panel: rAAV9-GFP (total 5E+9 VG) from our competitor “V” injected to mouse eye; Right panel: rAAV-9-GFP (total 5E+9 VG) purified via advanced 2xCsCl ultra-centrifugation injected to mouse eye.

* Figure 2. A comparison of infectivity of rAAV vectors from different sources showing super purified rAAV prepared via advanced double CsCl ultra-centrifugation approach is super infectious.  . 

rAAV1-GFP (total 2E+9 VG) from different sources were injected to mouse muscle tissue.  The GFP fluorescence was visualized 3 weeks post injection.  A. rAAV1-GFP from our competitor “V”; B. rAAV1-GFP from our pre-made rAAVs stock purified via advanced double CsCl ultra-centrifugation.  C. Quantification data showed that our super purified rAAV (bar 2) is ~ 9 times more infectious than that (bar 1) prepared via conventional CsCl ultra-centrifugation.  

** Final viral yield may depend on the nature of transgene.  For rAAV serotype 2, we guarantee final deliverable of >2.0 ml at >1E+12 VG/ml.

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